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One of the big issues in personnel decisions and the design of working conditions is diversity.

Time and again, it is pointed out, that social diversity is not reflected in companies, especially at management levels up to the very top.

Instead, selection and promotion processes tend to homogenise groups.

In organisations which choose to promote potential, top performers will raise internally, irrespective of more or less obvious characteristics they may show, that otherwise would result in discrimination.

And even when positions are filled from the outside, discrimination is not possible if the organization chooses to select for potential. Because potential is distributed independently of these characteristics.

Homogenising selection decisions always harbour the danger that the most suitable candidates may be sorted out prematurely. The direct consequences of this malpractice are shortage of skilled workers or one-dimensionality of the inward and outward information processing of an organisation. In the long run, the company is put at risk.

Most intuitive personal selection processes that are based on interviews have a homogenising effect. Only the use of objective, valid and fair instruments will ensure the success of an organisation in the long run.

Our online assessment suite abcî provides such objective datapoint, because performance is rated independently of gender, age, religion or ideology, ethnic origin, family or educational background, disability or sexual identity.

abcî assesses what people can and want to achieve and what they bring into an organisation.

For more information on diversity and gender diversity in HR decisions:


Ackerschott, H. & van Veen, A. Warum Aufsichtsräte HR-Kompetenz brauchen. Personalmagazin (2020).

You can find the complete study free of charge at: https://eignungsdiagnostik.info/studien.

Harald Ackerschott already called for diversity in companies 30 years ago:

Ackerschott, H. Diversity: Was macht den Unterschied?

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abcî is the tool for your best people decisions.“


The interpretation of the results of the abcî is strictly aligned to the requirements of the position. We are guided in construction, evaluation and interpretation by the requirements of DIN 33430 and ISO 10667. ISO 10667 explicitly demands transparency, equity and fairness in the assessment. For us, however, these are not only requirements of external standards but also correspond to our own values and convictions. This is reflected not least in the fact that we were and are very intensively involved in the development of these standards.

The earlier the abcî is used in the process, the more it counteracts implicit bias and the improper influences of implicit personality theories, which otherwise often lead to wrong decisions or simply unfair decisions in the personnel selection process. 


The results in the abcî are equally distributed among the genders in all scales. Therefore, there are no gender-specific profiles.


An online assessment is a tool for pre-qualifying applicants. It records characteristics that are important and relevant for further development in a professional career or for the next step into a new job or even into the first job ever.

These characteristics can be skills, knowledge or even certain behavioural preferences.

An online assessment can be a useful aid for filling any position. It safeguards your personnel decision, makes it fair, objective and transparent.

No. If you have very few applications, or if at first glance no one meets all the requirements, the right tool can even increase your choice. It certainly identifies those who can learn missing skills or competences particularly quickly.

Assessments gather information that cannot be collected from other steps in the process. In this way, they complement the impressions gained from application documents and interviews.

First of all, online assessments save time and money.

The abcî can be used for the selection of all applicant groups from apprentices to senior management and to support the identification of personnel development measures.

Participants are given the opportunity to view their individual results immediately after working on the assessment. This makes the process transparent for everyone. This ensures a high acceptance of abcî by all target groups.

Yes, in most cases this is possible. Please specify your applicant management system on our contact page.

For questions regarding the content of the abcî, we are available to companies and candidates by telephone or e-mail. In the event of technical difficulties, participants will receive solution-oriented and individual support via the hotline.

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