DIN 33430

The German technical standard DIN 33430 is regarded as the world’s most well-founded national standard for personnel decisions and describes the requirements for occupational aptitude diagnostics. Statements are made both on the quality of the instruments used and on the qualification of persons as well as on the interaction of process steps and procedures.

Harald Ackerschott is one of the initiators of this standard and has accompanied its development from the very beginning. Together with Norbert Ganter and Günter Schmitt, he also wrote the technical commentary on the application of the standard.

ISO standards

Technical Committee 260 on human resource management (TC 260) of the ISO world standards organisation comprises human resources experts from 54 countries.

Harald Ackerschott heads the German delegation to ISO TC 260 and also acts as the convenor of the international ISO TC 260 working group on recruitment. In this role, he is currently responsible for revising ISO 10667 to cover the most recent technological advances in assessment.

ISO TC 260 has now published 12 international standards or technical specifications, ranging from fundamental aspects such as HR governance, human capital reporting, and a series of definitions of relevant HR metrics, and 10 more projects are currently under development, including standards on Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Development.


Not everyone can do everything. But you can learn a lot. This also applies to methods of personnel selection and development.

We offer training courses for the use of abcî as well as for methods, instruments, and techniques related to personnel decisions. As a decision-maker or as a team, you can benefit from the combination of the latest scientific developments and many years of practical experience.

Together with our partners, we offer trainings, webinars, and online modules. We always adapt training contents and concepts to your particular situation in your particular organisation.

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abcî is the tool for your best people decisions.“


An online assessment is a tool to pre-qualify applicants. It assesses characteristics that are important and relevant for further development in a professional career or for the next step into a new job or even into your first job.

These characteristics can be skills, knowledge or even behavioural preferences.

An online assessment can be a useful support for pre-selecting or screening candidates for any position. It safeguards your people decision by adding it fair, objective and transparent information.

No. If you only have a few applications or no person meets all requirements at first glance, the right tool can even give your more choice. It identifies those applicants who can learn missing skills or competences the most quickly.

Assessments gather information that cannot be collected from other steps in the process. In this way, they complement the impressions gained from application documents and interviews.

First of all, online assessments save time and money. Let’s talk about your numbers.

The abcî provides varieties for the selection of different applicant groups. There is one for young people who just start a career and there are special setups for even senior management. abcî can also be used to support the identification of personnel development measures.

Participants are given the opportunity to view their individual results directly after they have completed the assessment. Thereby, the process becomes transparent for everyone. This ensures a high level of acceptance among all target groups.

Yes, in most cases this is possible. Please indicate your applicant management system on our contact page.


For questions regarding the content of the abcî, we are available to companies and candidates by telephone or e-mail. In the event of technical difficulties, participants will receive solution-oriented and individual support via our hotline.

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